Building Survey

We are capable of doing preliminary site surveys even when it is out of our reach. Using scaling technology we can determine approximate sizes for estimates and rough designs. Once the job is approved, we send our trucks out to get exact measurements and any additional detail needed for a smooth installation.

Freestanding Survey

Removing, refurbishing or replacing freestanding signage? Have us come out and survey the area to ensure your quote is accurate. Usually freestanding signage will require some  type of foundation and electrical if it does not already exist. Having good pictures, measurements and site check reduces the chance of digging into something unexpected.

Vehicle Sign survey

At first glance, a vehicle survey may seem trivial, however, having good pictures and measurements could be the difference between a good layout and a bad layout. If you have ever seen vehicle lettering or a vehicle wrap that is not centered, too big or too small, it is usually due to poor site survey. Let our experts start you off on the right track!


Many times, customers come to us with an idea of what they want and are not quite sure what type of signage would fit best.  Although this may seem complicated at first, our experts can usually pick out a standard sign that meets or exceeds the expectations of the customer.